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Updated Laws. (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by
Staff Org    

Hello dear players

We have done some updates in E-Sim LAWs. From this moment on, rules written below, are official.
In case of not understanding or having doubts with interpretation of this rules, player is obliged to ask Staff members for explanation.
Staff will start checking activities regarding NPC, MU, SC, National Organizations in a few days. This means, that you will have to start sending national assets back to national organizations very quicly, to avoid any further punishments.

1.) You are only allowed to have one citizen account. Violating this law may result in a permanent ban of all your accounts.

# If you share an IP adress or a PC with another player you must fill in the Shared IP Form. Form can be found on support channel (IRC - for each server). We would also want the involved accounts to send a PM in-game to one of the current Game Operators for us to confirm the shared IP.
# It is strictly forbidden to spam this form or to make false declarations of a shared IP.
# It is forbidden to have any transactions (beside referral gold) with anyone sharing your IP or PC.
# It is only allowed to have a total amount of 4 accounts on the shared IP or PC.
# If you have declared your shared IP with other accounts, you are still not allowed to be together in the same military unit, work for each other nor any sorts of transactions. No interactions between shared IP players at all.
# It is not allowed to login to a different country ORG.

NOTE: CP is responsible for not sharing ORGs password to players that are not citizens of his country. In case of logging to a different country ORG, Staff will change passwords of all involved ORGs until new CP is elected or new CP elections. CP will be punished accordingly to Staffs standards.

2.) All contents published by users cannot contain spam, pornography, racism, flaming, insulting content, nazism, external advertising, vulgarity, violations of any real life law or anything that the Staff team will consider as highly abusive.

Content: Includes comments, articles, private messages, avatars, citizen names, company names, shouts, Military Unit names, Party Names, Newspaper Names, MU descriptions, MU recruitment, law propositions like change welcome message, Donation/Report reason and other.
Spam: The following may be considered as spam; any advertisement, repetition of a message, content that has no link whatsoever with the game, content that has no purpose to be published through a certain communication method (report or donation reason for example), asking for Votes/Subs (includes lotteries where vote/subs/gold/... are required to join a certain lottery).

Procedure: When a user post a content that is forbidden, a Game Operator will delete it right away and depending on the content itself, the Game Operator might warn / temporarily ban / permanently ban the user which posted the content.

NOTE: Content can either be seen abusive by the Staff, or the player/players that is it meant for to be deleted and possible punishable.
Real life law violations will be forwarded to proper security forces.

3.) Using bots or automated software to play the game is strictly forbidden.

Procedure: Using any kind of automated software or bots (auto-fighting scripts, mass message scripts, auto subscribe scripts, monetary market scripts and others) to play the game will instantly lead to a Permanent ban of that Citizen without any warning.A User is allowed to use automated software to play the game ONLY if the software is approved by Massive Online Games FZE

4.) Exploiting bugs will result in a permanent ban.

# If a player finds a bug in-game and utilises it in order to cause damage to, or gain an advantage over other players, they will be penalised depending on the scale of the offence. The penalty can vary from a temporary ban to permanent ban.

With reporting a Bug to e-Sim Team through the forum that is resolved, you will be rewarded with 5 Gold and a Tester Medal. This is the only way to achieve the medal.

5.) Exchanging, selling or buying any content of E-sim (accounts, gold, items, currencies, companies etc) that is traded with anything in another game is forbidden and may result in a permanent ban (of all concerned accounts).

# Only the players who have the "gold seller" badge in their profile can sell gold for real money. The rest of the players can get profits from the game by no other means than by the Partnership Program (according to its specified rules).
# All content of the game (account, currency companies etc) is property of Massive Online Games FZE[
# This concerns trades involving real life money, real life objects, all E-sim servers, votes on other games/sites, or any content from another game.
# Any content promoting or advertising a trade breaking this law, will be deleted and the user might be temporarily banned.
# Logging into an account without the ownerships permission is considered to be theft and the one responsible will get punished with a permanent ban.
# This rule applies also for trading between temporary E-sim servers. Only legal transaction from one temp server to another one is via system module (transfer/merge). Everything else will be considered as illegal.

6.) Exploiting other players and being exploited is forbidden.

# Having players work for a low wage (under the average salary of the Job Market in one of the most stable country for the concerned skill) in the country where the company is located, without any transaction in return equivalent to this salary.

MU leader receive fine/ban for slavery in his unit,
CP and all ORG users receive fine/ban for slavery in ORGs companies,
CEO/SC Staff in Stock Company receive fine/ban for slavery in SC

# This includes account boosting. Meaning that one/several accounts are used to send their assets/work for free for another user to gain resources even if it’s by the citizens own will.
# Receiving most properties (currencies, items, gold, companies) from another player, without any approximately equivalent transaction in return.

Sending all properties to player/s is allowed, if a sender will stop playing. This can be done only if he has no active debts in game.

Procedure: The staff is not concerned whether the exploit is done by good will or not. The concerned player(s)/Military Unit(s)/Organisation(s)/Stock Company(s) will be fined depending on the scale of the exploit. Repeat offences might lead to a permanently ban of the concerned Citizen(s).

7.) It is illegal to fraud investor’s money from Public Companies or military units.

# Hiring yourself in public companies to work for high salary is forbidden.
Transferring Money/Gold through Monetary Market at inappropriate ratios is forbidden.
Stealing any gold/currency/items etc for your own interests is forbidden.

8.) Sharing your account information (password) with any other player is strictly forbidden.

# If Your password appears to have been shared with another player and you declare account theft, the staff team will not take action to return the account, and the account might be permanently banned.
# Account-sitting requires you to share your account information and is therefore forbidden. Each player is allowed to control one account. Controlling more than one accounts may lead to temporary or permanent ban of all accounts controlled by the player.
# Publishing personal information* about any E-sim citizen without permission is forbidden.
Personal information: Real names, addresses, pictures, e-mails, phone numbers, and other information that are clarified by the Staff as personal information.
Procedure: Breaking this law will result with warning / temporary or permanent ban of the publisher.

9.) Any type of abuse towards the administration team will be penalised.

# Insulting, threatening, provoking, abusing, or petitioning the administration team or any of its members with false or trivial issues is forbidden and will result in permanent ban.
# Impersonating in any kind of way, any member of the Staff, is strictly prohibited. Using a nickname almost identical to a Staff member is not allowed. The actual Staff members are displayed on the Staff page.

Procedure: Depending on the purpose/type of the abuse, citizens breaking this law can be banned temporarily or permanently.

10.) We reserve the right to use punishments (permanent ban, temporary ban, gold fine, deleting content, warning) towards any user of the game.

11.) It is forbidden to convince people to click on adverts or external phishing sites.

# Convincing or forcing other players to click on any external link that lead to an advert or any other external site may lead to a permanent ban.

12.) Stealing properties from national organisations is illegal and may result in a permanent ban.

# ORG can send supply to MU, players, ‘’merc MU’’, basicly everyone for fighting in wars that inflicts its nation. Supply must be dealt fairly. Reason of supply must be clearly stated. Every player can report national ORG if he thinks that ORG is deliberately neglecting individual citizens.
# ORG is not allowed to donate any assets by ‘’special’’ price. ORG can have it’s own companies and can hire workers by the rules of Job Market. It’s not allowed to pay workers , who work for national company, for salary higher than average salary on Job Market.
# ORG is not allowed to donate companies to player/SC/MU. Only option to get companies is to buy them.
# ORG is allowed to donate equipment to a player ONLY by debt contract. Debt MUST be min. of the current value of each equipment.
# It’s not allowed to merge donated equipment from any player to Org(s).
# It’s not allowed to sell equipment from org by donations or via contracts.
# ORG can sell its equipment only by using auctions.
# ORGs cannot trade CC with other (different country) national ORGs by rate 1:1. It can only trade by the rate of current monetary market.
# Donations to players or other nation ORGs, done by proposed LAWs (assets from national treasury), are not allowed, except in special cases which must be confirmed by one of the Staff member before this kind LAW is proposed.
Every illegal CC transaction between Org (Country that has ‘’no monetary market’&rsquo and players/MU/SC, Staff will punish at 1CC=0.05G

Rules regarding national military unit
# If military unit is declared as national, then ORG has to be leader of this unit.
# If military unit is declared as national, then this has to be written in MU’s description.
# Leader of military unit is responsible for every action regarding his unit. Fine for illegal activities in MU will be put directly to leader.
# National MU cannot be changed to private MU, unless it is bought from ORG. MU cannot be temporarily bought via making DEBT to new leader.

Rules regarding NPC
# CC for NPCs salaries can´t be donated by Org. CC for salaries, employers can buy on MM
# RAW for NPCs production can´t be donated by Org. RAW (from ORG) can be bought on Product Market.
# Every player/MU/SC can hire NPC. Every employer has to provide CC for their salary via MM. Staff will punish any kind of buying CC under MM value or print value.
# Every NPC employer can use NPCs products as they want (spend in battles, sell on market or ‘’Black Market’'). By purchasing CC/RAW on MM/PM employers are no longer obliged to return NPCs production to the main Org.

13.) Any fraud of money/properties from stock companies is illegal.

14.) The Staff does not take any responsibility for lost items, gold, currency, military units, stock companies etc in the game that is lost.

This includes belongings that have been lost through scams, trades done outside the game, external website phishing, false contracts and more.

15.) Breaking any of these laws may result in: a permanent ban, a temporary ban, a gold fine, the deletion of content or a warning.

16.) We reserve the right to change the aforementioned laws at any moment.

# Fine for scams, stealing or avoiding debt payments, can be transferred to other accounts. Depends on given situation.
# Only CEO can make a request to buy shares from inactive/banned players. Price for those share is min. estimated value per share. Player has to be inactive min. 25 days, that his shares can be sold.
# Giving leadership in MU to national organization can be done only by SGO/GOA.
# Reasons for all donations MUST be clearly stated.
# (scams) Staff member will NEVER ask you for your password.
# If a player has been charged of illegal activities on temp servers and in the meantime player transfer/merge account to Secura/Primera/Suna, punishment will be transferred also from temp server to Secura/Primera/Suna according to standards.

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